When it comes to sticker design, at Wensum Print, we have a wealth of experience and the equipment and skills required to ensure we design stickers of only the best quality.

Design your own stickers

At Wensum Print, our team will help turn your ideas into reality and design stickers of the highest standard, guaranteeing that you’re happy with the finished results. Whether you’re wanting to design car window stickers, door stickers, wall stickers, logo stickers, product sticker, whatever your requirements, the list of stickers we provide is endless!

Design business stickers

Having worked in the print and design industry for years, our design team understand the importance of stickers when it comes to your business. Stickers not only help to promote and provide information about certain items, but they also help to market and advertise your business.

Why use stickers?

Today, businesses launch marketing campaigns through a range of displays and promotional materials, all aimed to motivate and interest clients and customers. Stickers are a tried and tested advertising material when it comes to the business world, stickers offer versatility as they can be used in different ways for various things, they’re also effective and efficient to use.

Designing stickers and using them the right way can help your company stand out to potential customers and clients .

Top tips for sticker design


Stickers are not designed to withhold lists and heavy amounts of texts, so keep it plain and simply and your message will get out there a lot easier.

Be creative

Stickers are a great opportunity to get creative with your company’s marketing, don’t use stickers to just promote their logo, use them to help create an interest and leave them curious as to what you offer.

Be different

Sticker design is totally bespoke meaning the possibilities for your products are endless, meaning you can go far beyond any normal advertising, they also offer limitless opportunities on what they offer.

Coordinate with your other materials

It’s important to stick to your brand guidelines throughout your marketing materials and promotional campaign. So make sure that your stickers fit in with the rest of your advertising material.

Sticker design and print

As well have a team of graphic designers to help create your products, we can also carry out a top of the range sticker printing service. At Wensum Print we have access to only the best printing equipment so you can rest assured that you’ll receive only the best product.

Choose Wensum Print for all your sticker designs

For more information on our inhouse sticker design team and printing services, simply get in touch with a member of staff today, who will be more than happy to help and talk through your requirements. What’s more is we also provide customers with a FREE quote.

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